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District VII holds blind auditions; the judges are behind a screen and the students are identified by an assigned audition number. A student who speaks to the judge is disqualified. Winds and mallet percussion auditions consist of major scales (worth 20%), chromatic scale (20%), and sight reading (60%). Snare players are given a couple of rudiments (20%), concert roll (20%) and sight reading (60%). Timpanists are judged on tuning (20%), technique (20%) and sight reading (60%). All scores are added together and with 2 (or 3) judges for each instrument, the hypothetical perfect score is 200 (or 300) points. All percussionists must audition on snare drum, timpani and keyboards so a perfect score would be 600.

Please be reminded that ninth graders who were selected for both Junior and Senior must play in the senior ensemble. Contact your band director if you have any questions concerning these results.  All state auditions are February 23, 2013 at JMU.  You can use the link to VBODA on this page for more information.  Flutes, Bb clarinets, and trombones who have qualified for All Virginia auditions will have one person designated to play piccolo, Eb Sop. clarinet, and bass trombone respectively.