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2020 All-District Prepared Etudes

Hello Colleagues –

I hope that you are doing well and making it during these challenging times for us all.

Due to the restrictions that COVID has placed on us, we are going to do the 2020 District Auditions in a virtual format.  The details are below in the attached file.  This is not the idea method, but it will work for our students.

I want to thank directors throughout the district for help and input.  I also want to thank Logan Childress for giving of his time and skills to modify the system we use to allow for a virtual audition format and scoring method.

Please see ATTACHED director’s memo regarding changes to this year’s district auditions.

Please see ATTACHED zip folder for all PREPARED etudes for each instrument.

If you have any questions or concerns or find an error, please let me know ASAP.

Have a good weekend, Mark

Virtual Solo & Ensemble

Due to the statewide school system closure, we will be offering our 2020 Solo & Ensemble Event as a free, virtual event students can participate in from home.

This activity serves as continuity of education activity and enrichment for instrumental music students across VBODA District 7.

Instrumental Music Enrichment Resources

This page is designed to be a resource for all instrumental music students across District 7.

The resources on this page have been submitted by directors from across the District and will be updated as new resources are submitted.